So where'd we come from?

One day, Danny Bianchi, BianchiWeb's founder, realized that low-budget companies and organizations should be able to have nice-looking websites that work well and are easy to maintain without having to shell out tons of money.

Do a quick Google search for affordable web design and you can be sure to find tons of hits from sites claiming to be affordable. But as you browse them, you'll notice a trend that nearly every site you see follows one of these:

  • No prices anywhere. You must email/call them for a quote
  • Ugly site design. If their own website is ugly, do you really think yours will be anything special?
  • Complicated site setup. How hard is it to find a stinking price or information that makes sense to you?
  • Crazy high quotes. "After initial consultation, website design, setup, hosting, etc you will be lucky to pay less than $1,000 just to get the the site online. And let's not discuss monthly payments."
  • A ton of packages. All that are slightly better than the previous, but don't really tell you anything in terms of if they're worth it.
  • Unnecessary computer jargon. 5gb disk space, 10gb bandwidth, POP3 & SMTP email accounts, SEO optimization. Are you supposed to know what all that means?
  • Horribly restricted. $200 for 5 pages, $300 for 10 pages, 50 images per gallery, 10 galleries maximum, etc.

Our goal is to be different.

We have 1 packages to give you everything you need, with no dumb limitations.

Want more information? Let us know. Don't worry, we won't try to call you(unless you want us to). This is an easy process, as it should be.


"Their customer service is top-notch"